In-game description: "Soul of the king's royal jester, who at one time had brought people joy, but now only tries to find ways to make himself joyful. Are happiness and hope things we merely desire, or something we require to survive?"

As with all other boss souls, this boss has a weapon, armor piece, shield, and ring that his soul can be traded for.

  • Mask of Laughter - "More of a helmet than a mask, this armor piece features four masks of the Jester's Guild that slowly rotate on a cylinder that goes on top of one's head. For some reason, all of the faces are stuck in fits of immense laughter. Wearing this masks allows greater movement speed and also grants one greater strength with which to carry equipment. Effect: Movement speed increase + Equip Load
  • Cutlass of Insanity - "Curved greatsword created from the soul of The Royal Jester. The strong attack of this weapon causes fire bolts to erupt from the sword in a random pattern around the user. This, however, immoblizes the wielder. Sometimes the most unorthodox choice is the correct one. Or, perhaps both choices mean certain death."  
  • Jester's Shield - "Shield formed from The Royal Jester's soul, adorned with a peculiar pattern. 'The Jester was a simple man, devoid of all thought but for making others happy. Perhaps this is what caused his insanity. This shield, however, contains extremely powerful magic. Effect: HP Regen."
  • Ring of Longing - "Ring forged from the fires of desire of The Jester's heart and soul. Causes the wearer to become nearly invisible. The Jester had a secret love for one of the king's three princesses. Nobody knows which one, or how he even understood his love, but some say this ring was used by them to have secret meetings under the moonlight."
  • Absorption - 20,000 souls