The Enlightened - Covenant that worships an ancient warrior of the sun, his name lost in time. Designed for cooperative play. Help other players against bosses and through areas to earn Sunlight Medals. Get summoned using the Golden Soapstone.


  • 3 Medals - Praise the Sun! (Gesture)
  • 10 Medals - Lightning Spear
  • 20 Medals - Incandescent Ring
  • 50 Medals - Sunlight Spear
  • 100 Medals - Sword of Solaire 
  • 150 - Brilliant Shining Helmet

Gravemasters - Dark warriors that hunt the undead in order  to absorb Soul Remnants to offer to Gravemaster Saulden. Use Bloody Cracked Eye Orbs to invade players and take Soul Remnants from them, offering them to Saulden. To gain Bloody Eye Orbs, use the Gravestone Shrine to enter randomly generated Crypts that get more difficult the more they are used. Kill all enemies in the crypt to earn 3 Orbs. Must be human to enter the covenant, or else Saulden will be hostile if you try to talk to him.


  • 15 Remnants - Blade Whip
  • 25 Remnants - Ghastly Hound
  • 50 Remnants - Gravemaster Scythe
  • 100 Remnants - Rot Storm
  • 200 Remnants - Ring of the Crypt

Templars of Grey - Designed for PvE, this covenant allows you to wear a special Ring of Grey, which attracts grey NPC phantoms to your world, with randomized loadouts. Kill these to gain a Humanity Residue and a Grey Stone. Offer these stones to Tomas the Grey.


  • 10 Stones - Ashen Surge
  • 20 Stones - Neutral Greatsword
  • 30 Stones - Blood Rite
  • 40 -Stones - Holy Strike