(Bosses are in no particular order and currently the list is a WIP)

  • Hunter of Sins - A giant knight sporting Roman and Greek-esque armour, which is finely misted with the blood of the hundreds of undead he has killed. He wields a giant spear and a huge tower shield that depicts a scale of judgement, which leans to either side depending on if the player has a high sin or not. If the player has a sin of 1 or above, he will attack the player early and then disappear to his normal boss area unless defeated at that point.

Soul: Soul of Duality

  • The Royal Jester - The royal court jester, leader of the Jester's Guild, driven mad by the illusionary magic that he created. A huge man about as big as the Last Giant and dressed in tattered jester's garb, he wields two large curved greatswords. His movements are quick and erratic, and as the fight goes on longer and longer, his mask will change based on the three masks of the theatre, signifying that his attacks are growing more powerful, more eccentric, and more insane.

Soul: Soul of Laughter